Mad Skills – Amazing Short Term Memory

In a Huffington Post article here Tetsuro Matsuzawa a professor in Inuyama, Japan has come to the conclusion after three decades of Mad Skills - Amazing Short Term Memoryresearch chimps have much better short term memory than human beings.  “We’ve concluded through the cognitive tests that chimps have extraordinary memories,” Matsuzawa said.  “They can grasp things at a glance”.  Chimps often need to make quick decisions.  They take multiple factors into consideration. Working memory helps chimpanzees navigate the branches of huge trees to feed.  It also aids them in making tactical decisions when confronted by groups of rival chimps.

Amazing short term memory. With just a quick glance at the computer screen watch ‘Ayumu’ crush this memory test!




T’s Pet Sitting in Action


Here are a couple of pet sits my husband Bill shot as I was out and about. I guess it was a covert ‘T’s Pet Sitting in Action’. I didn’t realize he was video taping me! At the start is one great dog Lelu. She is a dream dog. She’s a great walker and is just one nice dog. In the middle is actually our dog Lassie and one of our cats Tia. At the tail end is one super friendly cat. I just love visiting Rico!