Dogs Understand What Humans Say To Them


I just read an interesting article this morning: ‘Doctor Claims That Dogs Understand What Humans Say To Them’. Give it a read. Very interesting indeed.

Not only do dogs understand what we say to them, but they are very trainable. We’ve all seen animals on television that do amazingly detailed things that their owners have trained them to do. We’ve trained our dog Lassie to do a few simple things like sit, shake, lay down, turn around, roll over, and stay. We have a friend who trained his dog to go to the refrigerator (and open the fridge), pull out specific items like ketchup for example and bring it to the table!

I don’t know if any of you have seen this video but this dog has been amazingly trained. Check it out and enjoy:



Marnie is particularly entertaining in this video!  He’s a beautiful Blue Indian Ringneck Parrot.  It’s amazing how birds can talk!  I love how sweet he is giving a kiss! I’ve had the pleasure of taking care of several birds, but have yet to hear one talk. I’m glad they took the time to videotape this so we could all enjoy Marnie’s personality and antics. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! If you want to read more about Marnie click here.

Crazy Kitten

crazy kittenThis crazy kitten is having a ball!  I just love how entertaining our cats can be.  They know how to take an ordinary thing, a plastic ball, paper sack, a ribbon and turn it into the best toy ever!  No need to buy an expensive cat toy – give them a string and they will be entertained and entertain YOU for quite a while!  They can be just as good at giving comfort when you’re not feeling well, or sad.  The love of a pet is often the best medicine.  Give your pet a hug today – they will return it a hundred times over!!

T.J.’s American Dream

T.J.'s American DreamT.J.’s American Dream is the story of one dog’s dream of love and hope. See the transformation from disease and despair to one of healing and exuberance. T.J. was living on the streets of Tijuana, Mexico in horrific conditions.  J.J. Woofin’ Paws Rescue Agency rescued him in March 2013. After treating his broken leg, mange and canine venereal tumors via chemotheraphy, TJ transformed into the happy, loving and healthy dog that was hidden underneath all his suffering. TJ was adopted by a loving family in February 2014!  He now knows what being truly loved is!

Cat and Owl

Cat and Owls - Best Friends
Cat and Owl – Best Friends

A most unusual pair to be friends.

Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

Cat Saves boy from Dog AttackDon’t know if any of you saw the video of how this cat saves a boy from a dog attack. It was caught with the families surveillance cameras. It is amazing to see how their cat ‘Tara’ quickly comes to the rescue and keeps a bad situation from becoming much worse.


Learning to Catch

Check out this funny yellow lab learning to catch.

“Gracie” is only interested in the treat ,not so much learning how to catch a toy.

Mad Skills – Amazing Short Term Memory

In a Huffington Post article here Tetsuro Matsuzawa a professor in Inuyama, Japan has come to the conclusion after three decades of Mad Skills - Amazing Short Term Memoryresearch chimps have much better short term memory than human beings.  “We’ve concluded through the cognitive tests that chimps have extraordinary memories,” Matsuzawa said.  “They can grasp things at a glance”.  Chimps often need to make quick decisions.  They take multiple factors into consideration. Working memory helps chimpanzees navigate the branches of huge trees to feed.  It also aids them in making tactical decisions when confronted by groups of rival chimps.

Amazing short term memory. With just a quick glance at the computer screen watch ‘Ayumu’ crush this memory test!




T’s Pet Sitting in Action


Here are a couple of pet sits my husband Bill shot as I was out and about. I guess it was a covert ‘T’s Pet Sitting in Action’. I didn’t realize he was video taping me! At the start is one great dog Lelu. She is a dream dog. She’s a great walker and is just one nice dog. In the middle is actually our dog Lassie and one of our cats Tia. At the tail end is one super friendly cat. I just love visiting Rico!